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Most of our instructors have either a Ph.D. or M.S., or are candidates for the M.D., Ph.D., or M.S. Most of our instructors have been teaching for at least two years at the university level and at least five years total. The majority of our teachers are full-time instructors with our company.

We try to provide a minimum of 50 two-hour lectures: ten lectures in biology, ten in general chemistry, ten in physics, seven in organic chemistry, six in reasoning skills, four in psychology and sociology, and three additional supplementary lectures, for a total of 100 in-class lecture hours.

Class Texts: There are ten class books: two for biology, two for general chemistry, two for organic chemistry, two for physics, one for reasoning analysis, and one for psychology. Each of the science books is divided into sectional lecture topics. Each section begins with information important for the MCAT and ends with MCAT-style passages and questions, with detailed solutions. The reasoning analysis book contains three nondiagnostic practice sets, followed by eight diagnostic practice sets. The psychology book will follow a format similar to the reasoning analysis book. Taken together, these books contain about 2,700 pages of material, including more than 550 MCAT-style passages.

In-Class Passages: At the instructor's discretion, individual MCAT-style passages may be presented in class and answered under timed conditions. A brief discussion of particular themes underlying the questions follows, and detailed solutions are provided.

Sectional Exams: We offer a minimum of 2 sectional exams, each broken down into a Chemical and Physical Sciences component (95 minutes), a Critical Analysis and Reasoning component (90 minutes), a Biological and Biochemical Sciences component (95 minutes), and a Psychological and Social component (95 minutes). On average, each sectional exam contains 39 passages.

Full-Length Exams: We offer a total of 4 full-length, computer-based tests (CBTs). They are available online starting about 5-6 weeks before the date of the first MCAT that is scheduled in the administration for which your are enrolled. Exams are active for the administration in which you are enrolled only. In order to ensure that you are exposed to a number of MCAT-style passages that are as similar as possible to those on past MCATs, we recommend that you take an exam or two published by the AAMC. On average, each full-length exam that we offer contains 39 passages. Detailed answer explanations to the questions are provided by The Berkeley Review.

Classes are generally two hours in length, and a week of instruction consists of four or five classes (depending on whether you take the course in the spring or summer). We administer the program in four or five two-hour classes per week, because we find that retention of subject matter drops off sharply after two hours. For particularly difficult concepts, we offer supplemental lectures that present the material and ideas from an even more fundamental perspective.

Class Size
We usually admit 25-30 students into a particular session. Over the past few years, however, we have averaged about 25 students per session. We believe that classes should be modeled on discussion sections, not lecture halls.

Office Hours
Office hours are posted during the first two weeks of class and updated on a regular basis. Over the course of the program, we offer approximately 300-400 office hours (depending on course location), and they are held in either small group settings or in a one-on-one setting with the instructor.

The average MCAT scores of students in the last eight administrations of The Berkeley Review stand well above the national average. After the scores for each MCAT administration are released, we send an email to all students who took The Berkeley Review to prepare for that particular test. We attempt to get at least a 20% response before we publish our results.

Class Schedules
At the present time, we offer our MCAT review program in the locations shown below. To see a class schedule for a particular location, click on the city where you would like to attend the review program.

California: Davis | Berkeley | Stanford | Westwood | Irvine | San Diego.

Once you have consulted the schedule and know which class session you would like to attend, print out the Registration Instructions and Application Form for the city where you plan to take the review program.

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