Instructions For Ordering Books and Exams

Order Form
Please print out this page for easy reference. Next, print the Order Form ( PDF file). Once you have printed the Order Form, follow the steps outlined below and completely fill in all requested information. If any requested information is not answered, your order will not be processed.

Part A: When are you planning to take the MCAT?

Will it be in January, March, April, May, June, July, August, or in September? Check one box only. Indicate your exam date (e.g., 8/31/18).

Part B: Processing Information.

All of the information in this section is required. Your materials will be shipped to the address in Part B. Make sure you print your phone number and email address clearly. Your FedEx Tracking Number will be sent to you via email.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your mailing address is correct and that you have included any apartment number or suite number associated with that address. If FedEx has to reroute your order because you placed an incorrect address in Part B, or because you changed the shipment address with FedEx, you will be charged a rerouting fee.

Part C: Product Information.

If you would like to purchase individual book sets, check the box for the appropriate texts and fill in the price for each. If you would like to purchase all 10 Review Books, check the appropriate box and fill in the price.

If you would like to purchase the CBTs that we offer, check the appropriate box and fill in the price. Please make sure you understand the terms of use of our CBTs. We recommend an activation date 40 days prior to your actual MCAT date. Please be aware that the CBTs purchased for a given calendar year (e.g., 2018) must be completed during that year and they must be completed by the exam date you indicated on your Home Study Order Form. CBT accounts will not be extended past the date you indicated on your Home Study Order Form.

Please consult the shipping fees in the Shipping Table ( PDF file). Shipping via FedEx usually takes 4-6 Business Days. Fill in the appropriate shipping charge and then total your order.

Part D: Payment Information.

Indicate which method of payment you are using: credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), money order, cashier's check, or personal check (10-Business Day Hold). Checks are made payable to The Berkeley Review.

If you elect to mail in your order via the US Postal System using a credit card as payment, then after you have printed the order form clearly print your 16-digit credit card number and your Card Verification Code (CVC) in the appropriate boxes. The CVC is located on the back of your credit card and is a group of 3 digits to the right of the signature strip. Include the name as it appears on the front of the credit card, the billing address, and the expiration date of the credit card.

If you elect to email your order in as an attachment using a credit card as payment, you can either (1) type directly into the form, or (2) scan a completed form:
  1. The Home Study order form is set up in Adobe Acrobat so you can type directly into the fields requesting information. Please make sure everything is filled out completely. If anything is left blank, the order will not be processed. Once that is done just email it to us as a PDF.

  2. You can print the Home Study order form, fill it out using a pen, scan it and save it as a PDF, and then email it back to us. Again, please make sure everything is filled out completely. If anything is left blank, the order will not be processed.

  3. Email the order to:

    (Spelled Out: mcatprep at berkeley dash review dot com)

  4. IMPORTANT: Only send the order as a PDF. We do not take JPGs, TIFFs, PNGs, or any other type of electronic media.

  5. Credit card payments cannot be made over the phone or left on our phone's voice mail system. This is a security measure to ensure confidentiality of your payment information.
Once we receive your order as an emailed PDF, we will send you an email within 1-business day with HOME STUDY ORDER RECEIVED in the subject line. That way you will know we have received your order via email. If you do not receive that email, please contact us. We can be reached by email or at (510) 843-8378.

Part E: How did you hear about The Berkeley Review?

Check only those boxes that apply. SDN refers to Student Doctor Network.

Part F: Copyrighted Materials.

Please make sure all parts of the Order Form are completed, and then carefully read the paragraph on copyrighted materials. By signing and dating the bottom of the form, you agree to the copyright terms and show that you understand that all sales of The Berkeley Review's Home-Study materials are final and that there are no refunds or chargebacks. Orders will NOT be processed unless you sign and date this agreement. Finally, mail the Order Form, along with your payment, to:

The Berkeley Review
P.O.Box 40140
Berkeley, California 94704

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