Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

Sections I-IV (794 Pages; 2018 Edition)


The Berkeley Review's instructional Guide to Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills contains everything you need to know to score well on that part of the MCAT, including: There are also suggestions for managing stress, assessing and improving your basic reading and reasoning skills, and taking inventory of your test-taking skills.

The 113 practice passages in this book are patterned closely after those that have appeared in previous administrations of the MCAT. They range in difficulty from very easy to very hard. Even though the vast majority of the passage topics are drawn from disciplines within the humanities and the social sciences, there are a few unusual passage types (e.g., passages written in non-contemporary English or those accompanied by graphics) and rare question types (e.g., computational questions) that have been included to add some extra zip to the mix, and to help prepare you for the unexpected. The average length of the critical analysis and reasoning skills passages in this book is even a bit longer than the average length of those you will encounter on the MCAT. So if you can finish one of these practice sets in the 90 minutes allotted to the MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section, you should feel confident that you are working at a competitive pace.


2018 The Berkeley Review